Hi! Welcome to my blog.

When we decided to pull our oldest son out of 6th grade to homeschool, two reoccurring statements kept popping into my mind:
1) Don't tell me what my kid can't do
2)Questions authority/everything

These were coupled by one fact - that education is power.  That is what Educational Anarchy is all about.

We have changed drastically since first pulling our oldest son from public middle school.  An addition of another son, moving, and going back into the public school arena.  Our oldest is currently attending public high school.  A high school that sees his ADD as a limitation.  Something that cannot possibly be conducive to him taking honors classes, let alone advanced placement classes.  We disagree.  We are taking his high school journey with pause and one day at a time.  We are his support and his advocates and his guides.

Our middle son is soaking everything that there is around him and presented to him, in.  We continue to encourage him to explore and learn and question.  He has returned to a "brick & mortar" school and is thriving there.  Though I had a lot of difficulty coming to terms with not homeschooling my son anymore, I have come to a place of acceptance that I have did the best that I could.  Plus, just because my two oldest boys are back at school, doesn't mean that we do not hold true to our homeschooling ways at home.  It's ingrained in us!  We are natural teachers and our children are natural learners.  Learning is not seen as a task that needs to be completed, but, rather a way to grow and expand.  We were their first teachers, we will always be their teachers.   

Our youngest son is along for the ride.  At this time I don't know if we will homeschool him.  We will teach him, though.

That kind of gives you a background to the name of "Educational Anarchy".  This is still what I believe our life to be - education is power.  In our daily affairs we strive to learn new things, implement what we have learned and grow from what we have learned.  Though none of my children are currently being homeschooled, we as a family are continually learning.  Learning never ceases as long as you have the desire and drive.

So, now, instead of sharing about our homeschooling journey I share about our life and share with all of you what we are learning.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to connect with you soon.