I'm an independent social media and community relations professional for small, local non-profits in and around my hometown of Frankfort, IL. I am also an influencer though my writing and photography.

Educational Anarchy started in 2009 as a way for me to document our homeschooling journey.  It has evolved into a space where I share more about me and my family.   

I share bits and pieces about how I believe in consistently striving to educated yourself, in changing one small thing, just for today,  and seeking out the good in order to progress to a better state with your whole self.  

I am a professional, published photographer, independent contracted writer, and a storyteller. 

I am a mother of three amazing boys and wife to an equally awesome husband, and live in Frankfort on Indian Boundary Line Homestead. 
You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest by going back to the home page and clicking on the links to the right of the main page.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward with connecting with you though shared experience, strength and hope.