Friday, November 3, 2017

Family Dinners

I love hosting and attending family dinners.  I grew up in a home where my parents had an open door policy.  In general, the door was always open.  When we had celebrations or dinners, that rule was still in play.

Do you have regular family gatherings?  Or, gatherings with people who are like family to you?

How often do they occur?

I think that it's important to create a culture of hospitality, to define a family culture that fits my family, and cultivating a culture of conversation.  Conversations are so important.  Conversations can be hard, they can be heated, and they can be filled with love and understanding and compassion.  Here is the thing, when we choose to approach all things while wearing our tact and decorum hat and act like adults, realizing that not every person we speak with agrees with us 100%, we can have those conversations.  What do you do when the other person isn't willing to wear a tact and decorum hat or act like an adult, politely excuse yourself from the conversation and always keep your side of the street clean. 

As far as the regularity to which I host dinners in my home, I typically try to have something in early July, late August, mid-October, and late February.  This covers the 4th of July, my two oldest boys birthdays, a pre-holiday dinner, and my youngest son's birthday.  And, I do dinners - they aren't just parties, you are going to sit at a table and eat a meal (sometimes with many courses). 

It's a total "come as you are" type deal and you are getting me and my family as we are.  *in the photo above our kitchen is torn up and we just installed a toilet in the first-floor bathroom so people could use it the night of our dinner.  We're great hosts like!*

Great things happen when you gather for a meal.  If you don't have family close by, create your own and get social.  It doesn't have to be big, it can be intimate and you can still get your soul bucket filled.  We all need to gather, break bread together and have a meaningful conversation.  We need to feel a part of.  Don't wait for someone to do it for you, do it yourself.   

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