Friday, November 17, 2017

BOOK RECAP - Lifegiving Home

I was introduced to this book a few months back, and it is absolutely amazing.  I loved it so much that I started a group at my church to study one chapter (or month) per month and then come together to talk about what we learned, how we can apply it in our homes, discuss our struggles around creating a life-giving space, and provide support while doing so.

I appreciate that in the introduction of the book that the authors share that the book took over a decade to write.  Because, seriously, life gets in the way sometimes. And, that it's ok to start something, stray away from it, and then come back to it - it's about progression, not perfection.  Adapting to your family's needs to build a home which they will flourish and thrive in.  This can be quite difficult sometimes.  We all have our "seasons".  The good news is that we get a brand new day every 24 hours to start anew. 

I love how the book is broken down by month and gives suggestions and tips for each.  And when there is a holiday, highlighting some points about it.  And when there is not a holiday, suggestions to focus on for that month.

I am always looking for ways to create an inviting and nurturing environment, and this is a resource that I can use to help accomplish that. 

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