Friday, September 22, 2017


Back at the end of March, I had the opportunity to see a psychic.

I hosted a get together in my home with some of my cousin-in-laws and a friend of theirs, and the psychic came to do our readings.

I honestly don't know exactly what I was expecting, but what I experienced was definitely not it. First off, you know the Hollywood cliche where a cat freaks out and runs away from people these types of abilities - my cat did that.  Like, as soon as the woman entered my home.


She came bearing flowers, which she mentioned was not something that she normally does but felt like she was called to do it for this reading.  I was handed a bouquet of colored daisies and was told by the woman "You know who these are from."  Yes, yes I did.


Will, my youngest, who was home at the time that this was all taking place, came running down the hallway to the front door and stopped.  The woman looked at Will and said: "Why hello Will, it's very nice to meet you."
I never told her his name.


And people, this all happened in less than 5 minutes of this woman entering my home.  I am not even kidding you.

I give her a few options on where she could set up to do the readings for the day as everyone else started to show up.  She chose my office, which is void of photos outside of the bee photo that I took for Grit magazine and the two LTYM frames that I have up.  Nothing about my kids, husband or extended family members.

At this point, I've decided that I'm not going first.  I've experienced enough to know that this woman is legit and I want to hear about everyone else's experience.

Will is in the back part of the house in the family room, we are gathered in the dining room, which is next to the family room and my office is in the front part of the house right across from the front door. Giving the person who is having their reading done enough privacy and Will enough room to be a 4-year-old while all of this is going on and not being disruptive.

As cousin-in-laws are coming out, Will is giving them all hugs once they return to the dining room. We are all munching on snacks and talking.  I will not go into the details of everyone else's readings as I feel that they are private matters.  But, I will share parts of mine.  

First, the psychic told me "I sense the some of the same people with you as with the others, but you are not connected to them the same way."  This is true, I'm a cousin-in-law, I married into the family. "There is a female standing right next to you, she is excited to be here and is jumping around.  She has shorter blond hair and you call her a shorter version of her name.  It starts with a "K" - Kris is here."  This is my sister-in-law.  This is also who the daisies are from.  She had lots of great stuff to share about Kristin, but what I will share is this - Kristin wanted me to know that she is sitting in the passenger seat of my car, so whenever I want to talk, I can talk to her.  Next, "There is an older gentleman, he is wearing a flannel shirt, has a fishing pole and is at a cabin on a lake fishing."  This would be my Grandfather-in-law.  "He wants you to know that he's happy that Dave is married to you. Him and Kristin and hanging out together." *this would be Kristin's grandfather*
Up next is a sort of fly-by interaction with my Uncle John "There is a gentleman dressed in a very nice suit, like from the 50's with an older car and he wants to show you his car because it's a very nice car."  Okay, got it (I also have a few photos of him standing in front of his car dressed in a suit).  "There is a woman here her name starts with a "V" but it's different like her birth name is way different from what you called her.  It's not American, but very close to an American version."  This would be my Aunt Vera.  "She is hanging out with another woman who has a very nice up-do and is dressed very sharply.  To me, they are like Ehtel and Lucy, and they are having a blast and causing trouble.  This other woman, she has two names, but people called her by her middle name more than her first name."  This would be my mom, her name was Maria Eva and people called her Eve.

I got to ask questions, and I did, I asked a few.  But by this point, my mind is kind of melting and I can't put together a complete thought, yet sentence if I wanted to.  I asked my mom about my dad, we knew that he was not feeling well, but his diagnosis of colon cancer was not known to us yet - "Your mom is laughing at you because now you have to deal with him.  She says that he will be fine, she's going to take care of him and she's looking over him and your brother.  She says that you are fine, they need her help.  I sense that something is going to happen, like a hip injury, something where your dad will be bedridden and you will have to take care of him in the month of May.  Is he coming up here in May?"  He was originally supposed to.  That didn't end up happening though.  I ended up going down to Texas to be there for when he had surgery and his recovery from that.  It was much like what she described, though his hips were not injured.

You know, she may not have nailed that my dad would die from colon cancer, but she was pretty spot on with what I would experience and I can totally see my mom pointing and laughing at me because I would be the one caring for my dad.  And, my mom did end up taking care of him, my dad died on July 1, 2017 exactly two years after my mom passed.  

She ended our session with an Angel Card reading where she told me that all of the negativity in my life would go away after August 21st (the solar eclipse), that it would signify a positive change in my life.  She then gave me a yellow rose "It's from your mom, you know, the yellow rose of Texas."  She didn't know that my parents lived in Texas.


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  1. I love it Steph. I have a book for your from Jennifer Weigel. You two are soul sisters. She's going to be interviewing Concetta Bertoldi Friday, October 13 at Wilmette theatre. Tix $35 in advance $40 at the door. Let's go!


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