Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hey Let's Grow

*I am participating in the Monsanto Hey Let's Grow program as a blogger this year.  Materials in this post were provided by Monsanto.  This is a sponsored post.  The opinions in this post are my own.*

So, a little recap via links, shall we?  You know, because it's been awhile.  

But, you see, things WERE really going well prior to all of that foolishness

I swear I really do know what I'm doing, but gosh has this year been ... stupid!  I mean I'm at a loss for words here.  Currently, my garden is grown over with weeds.  It's a total mess.  There is garlic in there somewhere.  I have no motivation to even put in a fall crop even though I really do want to salvage what's left of this growing season.  I want winter squash and kale and lettuce ... I'm just done, though.  Really, I'm done.  
I'm scrapping this year.  I'll be grabbing my 2018 Farmers' Almanac in a month or so and I'll start planning for next year in January when the ground is covered deep with snow and my seed catalogs start showing up in the mail.  This year just wasn't the year for me to garden.  And, it's more than those links above.  We suffered great and unexpected loss in our family, I was taken away from my home for roughly two months (of that prime transplanting time).  No one with ample time to tend to the garden was home during the time that I was gone - it just wasn't in the cards.

And, actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I have potato tunnels in my garden that I started around Mother's Day.  I'm going to have to treck out there today and see what's going on with them.  

I hope that your gardening adventures were better and more bountiful than mine.  

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