Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hey Let's Grow {Update - aka I'd die if I were responsible for growing my own food to sustain on}

*I am participating in the Monsanto Hey Let's Grow program as a blogger this year.  Materials in this post were                 provided by Monsanto.  This is a sponsored post.  The opinions in this post are my own.*

So, I took advantage of the "warm" weather the swept through the Chicagoland area and got a bit too ambitious when I put out every single flat of veggies & flowers that I was trying to start in my front room since February.  

And, then this happened

Dude!  Seriously?

Ugh!  And, you know what...I laid in bed on May 2nd, under all of my warm and fluffy blankets and through "'s going to get offly low in the 30s tonight, maybe I should bring those flats in."  And my body refused to move from under the mountain of warmth and fluff.  So, my laziness killed off months of nurturing and work.  

Of the survivors are lettuce, cauliflower, and 1 bell pepper start.  

So, here I am owning up and coming to the realization that I would die if I needed to grow my own food to sustain from.  *shaking head in disgust*

Excuse me while I run to the large box home improvement store to get my starters to plant directly into my garden.

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