Friday, May 12, 2017

Hey Let's Grow {Sad Trombone Update}

*I am participating in the Monsanto Hey Let's Grow program as a blogger this year.  Materials in this post were                 provided by Monsanto.  This is a sponsored post.  The opinions in this post are my own.*

I often have a romanticized idea of gardening, self sufficiency, and the such in my mind.  

"Oh, it'll be super easy"
"Oh, won't it be cool to grow our own {-----}"
"Doing it yourself is always better"

And then, a thing like a frost warning is ignored and now weeks of prep and hope are gone.  

{insert sad trombone}

So, this is totally my own doing.  See, I was all snuggled up in bed late one evening and thought to myself "'s going to get offly low in the 30's tonight...I think they will be okay."  "They" being the flats of starters that I had moved from indoors to my covered front porch.  

Guess what?  I WAS WRONG!  I awoke to frost on my shingles and my stomach dropped when I saw it.  I also swore, a lot.  I was hoping that some would come back, but nope.  

I'm left with lettuce, cauliflower and one pepper.  

I've transplanted the lettuce to the gutter grower that my husband had made for me.

And, the cauliflowers and one pepper are still chugging along.  They will go into the ground in about a week.  

And, for the rest?  I'll be hitting up the local hardware chain store to get the rest of my veggies.  

Lesson well learned.  Also, I am such a lazy gardener.  *shaking head*

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