Tuesday, May 16, 2017

DIY Recipe of the Week {Chemical Free Home}

What's in your cabinets?   

Why am I passionate about getting the yuck out of my home?  Because I don't want to be in constant pain because my Endo is flaring up.  I know, it's pretty selfish, but it's the catalyst for change in my home.  For me, essential oils are another rug on my Healthy Living Ladder.  It's something that I'm choosing to do to help my family.
You can read more about that here

Did you know that 26 seconds after exposure that chemicals are found in measurable amounts in the human body?    

Did you know that the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health studied 2,983 ingredients in our products at home—and found 884 toxic ingredients? 

Why DIY when there are perfectly acceptable options available for purchase?  In this case I say, SAVE YOUR TIME! 

I shared a little about my obsession with Dr. Bronner's here and I'm going to share a little tip for cleaning your bathrooms with this amazing soap in addition to a scouring powder.  It's all good stuff, folks, I swear.  

First, the specifics on these two products -
Bon Ami - Only contains Limestone (calcium carbonate), Feldspar, Biodegradable cleaning agents (alkyl polyglucoside), Soda Ash (sodium carbonate), Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate).  I pick mine up at Target.  You can find out more about Bon Ami here.

Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds - IS AMAZING!  I love this stuff.  I use it as dish soap, laundry soap (when I run out of my Young Living Laundry Soap), and as a deep cleaner when mixed with Bon Ami.  I pick up my Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds at the Vitamin Shoppe You can find out more about Dr. Bronner's by going here.  

So, how do I use these two products to clean my bathrooms?  First I spray down my shower, tub, and tiled areas around there with water.  Then I shake the Bon Ami powder all of  the place.  I let it set for about 10 minutes, which is roughly the time it takes me to fill a small bucket with hot water and 1 tablespoon of Sal Suds, and grab my scrub brush on a stick and head back into the bathroom.  I dip the scrub brush into the soap mixture and then scrub down the tiled walls, bathtub and shower enclosure.  It gets all of the the hard-water build up off.  It's pretty amazing.  Also, this duo cleans toilets like nothing else! 

To find out how these two products (and anything that you have in your cabinets) rate on the EWG website, go here.  Bon Ami get's an "A", so does Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds!  

I'm all for DIY'ing to avoid chemical yuck, but I'm also about saving my time.  These are two great products that I can purchase at the store that do just that.  I encourage you to take a moment and go to the Environmental Working Group's website and check to see what your cleaning products are rated.  From there, make a decision, an active decision, to do better if any of your products have scored a "C" or lower.  There are better options out there.  Do you research and then experiment.  And, like I did, it's okay to start off slow as you are swapping the products out. If you are reading this you are likely the "gatekeeper" to your home.  You decide what crosses the threshold of your home.  You can do better for your and your family.    

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