Friday, May 5, 2017

DIY Diffuser bracelet

How can you take the wonderful scent and amazing power of essential oils with you while not lugging around a bottle with you?

I like the option of the diffuser bracelet.  My two older boys and myself all have diffuser bracelets that we wear.  While my oldest likes to put Peppermint essential oil on his, my middle some likes to put Frankincense essential oil on his.  I prefer more earth tones like Cypress essential oil.

I purchase my beads from a local bead shop in town.  I would suggest using a stretchy cord to thread the beads on (make sure to use multiple tight knots to secure closed).  Also, and this is super important, make sure that you are using natural lava beads with no coating (otherwise the essential oils will not absorb) AND make sure that your lava beads are not dyed (otherwise once you place essential oils on it, the color will bleed out onto your skin).

It's super easy to make, is compact, and can travel with you.  


  1. This is awesome! I've been a huge supporter of essential oils and I've spent most of time focusing on essential oil jewelry. Most of the jewelry I review is directed towards woman. With my love for essential oils it has slowly grown on my husband. (He is also a huge fan of peppermint) I bought him a car diffuser for his truck a few months back and he loves it! I really like the look of this Lava bead bracelet and I think it's something he would wear. If I were to go ahead and make this on my own do you have a site you reccomend purchasing the Lava beads from? Thanks for this!

    1. Courtney, I do not have a site to order from. I just get my beads from a local bead shop. I would highly recommend NOT getting the dyed beads, but the natural ones. I've seen them at Michaels Craft store (a bit large for my preference), but it's possible that other craft stores carry them as well. Hope that this helps.


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