Thursday, May 11, 2017

CBD {Wax}

There are many rungs on my Healthy Living Ladder - MANY RUNGS.

The use of CBD is just another one of those rungs on my Healthy Living Ladder that I have found exceptionally helpful for me.  That's the key, it works for me.  I don't know if it'll work for you.  But, I'll give you the information that I have and you can make that decision.

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In addition to using 250mg CBD with a dosing of 1.0ml I use CBD wax in a vape pen, not on a daily basis, but as needed.  This week, it's the perfect example of why I choose to utilize this product.  I'm leaving for a road trip to Texas on Saturday morning where I'll be staying with my dad who has been diagnosed with cancer, for two weeks this month and 3 weeks next month.  I am trying to cram three weeks worth of commitments, chores, tying up loose ends....etc, into this week on top of my normal routine and commitments.  I'm just a little stressed out.  
I only use the vape wax at home and not around other people.  I have three children, and though CBD or smoking are not illegal, it's a personal choice to use this product and I do so discretely.

I purchase my CBD wax from a local vape shop that actually carries a really good brand.  This is super convenient as I do not have to order this product online.  When I do use it, I have roughly ten inhales of the vape and I'm good to go.  I feel more relaxed, not as frazzled, can focus a bit more on the tasks at hand.  

I have found, in general, my routine and regular use of CBD has increased my quality of life on a daily basis.  Mentally and emotionally, I am better.  I am not anxious or stressed, which prior to starting the use of CBD would often times result in my taking that anxiousness or stress out on my family.  Not the case anymore.  Also, I am sleeping better.  Often times, though, I find that my regular and routine use of CBD just needs a small added increase to handle situations that in the past seemed to incapacitate me (such as large gatherings or family).  I view my use of CBD as how I'm able to lead a happy, joyous and free life.  I'm much happier.  It's amazing.  It's been a total game changer for me.   

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