Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Anti-Inflammatory Recipe of the Week

In September of 2015 I started Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Diet after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis.  I share a new recipe each week to help those who may need to modify their eating habits to better their health. 
Food is medicine - You are what you eat 

You can find out more about the Anti-Inflammatory Diet by going here

Say it with me - 


Aberdeen's Kitchen nails it with this recipe.  It's so fricking good.  When I make this I double the batch, add a meat side for my guys and then go to town on this as my dinner.  Then, oh, the then is so important.  THEN I save the leftovers (after I fight off my husband and middle son for it) and use it as my side for breakfast with eggs.  Sweet peas people, it's AH-MAZE-ING!


Ok, here is the recipe for the Southwest Roasted Potato Vegetable Salad.

And, here, are my modifications - I use canned corn, skip the ancho chili pepper (we don't do spice), and half the dill required (it's pretty strong for my taste buds).  Just my 2 cents, but you do you.   

Now, go forth, and eat great food.  Your dietary limitations should not limit you from enjoying great food.  

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