Thursday, April 6, 2017

CBD {Tincture}

There are many rungs on my Healthy Living Ladder - MANY RUNGS.

The use of CBD is just another one of those rungs on my Healthy Living Ladder that I have found exceptionally helpful for me.  That's the key, it works for me.  I don't know if it'll work for you.  But, I'll give you the information that I have and you can make that decision.

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I shared a little about the legality of CBD here

One of the main forms of CBD that I choose to use is tincture.  I use a 250mg CBD with a dosing of 10ml.  I take one 10ml dropper full every night under my tongue (sublingually).  When taken this way, the arterial blood supply under your tongue rapidly absorbs the CBD.  The effects typically kick in for me in roughly 30 minutes.  It does have an aftertaste.  

Why do I use tincture?  It was the first form of CBD that I tried and it worked really well in a variety of ways.  When I first started using CBD I would take 3 10ml dosages of the 250mg CBD, daily (broken down to morning, afternoon and evening).  What this allowed me to do was calm down.  I'm an extremely anxious person and I ruminate, a lot.  I wanted to be able to be calm and relaxed.  I have never been calm and relaxed.  The CBD tincture helped with this.  Additionally, it assisted with me getting a solid nights sleep.  Since undergoing chemotherapy last year, one of the side effects that has stuck around is insomnia.  When I take CBD before bed, I sleep better, sounder, and more deeply at night.  I know that this is not a typical effect of CBD use, and I can't explain it, but it works for me. Also, when my Endometriosis pain flares up, it assists with managing that pain without having to turn to NSAIDs.  

I choose to use CBD tincture from Hemp Life Today.  I did a lot of research prior to purchasing from Hemp Life Today and I feel confident in them as a company and in their products.   

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