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Audrey's Story - Endometriosis Awareness Week 2017

Here we are again.  It's that time of the year when for the next seven days my blog is dedicated to sharing stories about Endometriosis to raise awareness.  From March 3-9, 2017, I will be featuring a different story each day.  

As I did last year, I reached out through social media to my Endometriosis groups for help in raising awareness for our shared disease.  Audrey, again, responded to my call for submissions and I am happy to share more of her story with you.  


Last year I had the honor of sharing my story with endometriosis, and this year I am excited to build on what I’ve learned because of endometriosis. (TO READ LAST YEARS POST, CLICK HERE) 

Every day since hitting rock bottom, one blurry, confusing, yet fateful day, I’ve made choices in the opposite direction of what conventional logic tells us is best. And now (almost) a decade later, the shifts, changes, attitudes, and decisions that seemed so difficult, are now so easy.

Today I spend my days coaching and empowering women, not only with endometriosis, but with chronic pain and other diseases, to heal. I have learned so much from healing endometriosis, and from the women who have sat on my sofa, sharing not only their stress, trauma, and pain, but also their triumphs. As I’ve watched so many go through a similar healing journey as my own to connect the dots, climb their mountain, and learn their lessons,  it seems there is an overarching process towards healing. Be willing to look inward and find unconditional love for yourself, learn to listen to our body, honor inner wisdom, and confidently act upon your unique needs.

I always find my discussions about unconditional love for yourself to be fascinating. Rarely do I come across someone who claims not love themselves. Rather, there tends to be a great distance between how my clients believe they treat themselves and how well they actually treat themselves. And for me, at the beginning of my healing process I hated so much about my life because of endometriosis, but yet I would have told you I absolutely loved myself. In reality, I was constantly angry and judging myself. What do you say to yourself when you are stressed, tired, overwhelmed, angry, or frustrated? Are you compassionate? Empathetic? Or are you hard on yourself? The healing work lies within lessoning this gap. First, recognizing a gap exists, and then not judging yourself. In a sense loving yourself while recognizing how unloving you have been. Get honest about how you treat yourself, and realize you’ve probably been unconsciously telling yourself the same “story” for years.

When I started seeking Eastern and Alternative Healing methods, the first choice I was guided to make was to significantly change my diet. It was difficult, and I fell off the wagon often. During these “slip-ups” I had a choice to make (and a pattern to break). I could be hard on myself, saying, “All my work is ruined!” or “This is dumb, I can’t do this, I quit.” Or, “Of course I can’t stay committed, what else is new!”

Or, I could choose to take a deep breath, saying, “Whoopsie! I messed up. It is okay. Everyone falls down. Let’s try this again.” Can you feel the difference in energy around these statements? The second example is COMPASSIONATE and LOVING!

For years I made health decisions based on the latest research, and doctors opinions, but rarely did I rely solely on my own intuition to choose what was best for me. Healing and ultimately living pain and symptom free began as I consciously chose to love myself, and listen to my body. Listening to your body allows you to access inner wisdom. Your body; physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body, hold a wealth of information and knowledge. As you continue to treat yourself with unconditional love, we also need to begin to understand what your body is saying.

There are many ways to tune-in to your body. Meditation and energy work are two great ways to understand what is going on in your body at a deeper, intuitive level. The key is to quiet the logical mind long enough to hear the voice of inner wisdom. I had been shutting down my voice of inner wisdom for so long, it was barely a scared little whisper. A mere suggestion, a softly whispered idea from a voice I barely recognized, asking me to look in another direction. I was so desperate, so beat down, so exhausted, that for the first time in my life, I considered what that tiny voice was saying. This one ounce of trust is what ultimately lead me down the path of healing. On a minute to minute basis your body and inner wisdom are communicating with you. The closer you are to aligning with and acting upon inner wisdom, more healing can occur.

Continually choosing to love myself,  listen to my body, and trust and take action on the whispers of inner wisdom has changed my life. Living in alignment with my body, intuition, and inner wisdom is healing.

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