Monday, November 7, 2016

Holiday gift giving made simple with Groupon #Groupon #ad

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As many of you know, I am the only female in a home full of males.  I am definitely a “boy mom”.  But, with the wide range of ages (17, 12 & 3), holiday gift giving can be a little difficult.  Adorable matching shirts don’t exist.   Plush things for all, just a different character for each one is not going to happen.  Action figures?  Please!  A movie appropriate for all three of my boys that they will all actually enjoy - likely not going to happen.  

I’m a realist.   

One thing that all three of my boys love is music.  During the day I have a portable CD player going with our favorite kids’ music for my 3 year old.  My 12 year old listens to music while he does his homework.  My 17 year old insists on listening to music while he showers.  The problem, it’s a portable speaker that is outside of the shower.  People, my bathmat is ridiculously wet after he is done.   Like unusable.   

And then I saw this on Groupon.

Bam!  Problem solved.  

And Groupon is amazing with the goods that they offer.  So while my 17 year old can listen to music in the shower and I get a dry bathmat out of the deal, I can also relax in gratitude with the help of a new essential oil diffuser.

Ahhhh.  Life is good.  And, so are the deals on Groupon.  Head on over and check out how Groupon Goods can make your holiday gift giving even simpler. 
And, you know what?  They have bathmats, too.   

How do you plan on saving with Groupon?  

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