Friday, September 16, 2016

September 16th, hey there, how you doin’?

It’s been a year and right now I’m under anesthesia, again, though not to have another laparoscopy. 

Nope, today I’m having oral surgery to fix what a calcium deficiency from chemotherapy treatment will do to ones teeth when one has a deficiency in calcium. 

Oh, Endometriosis, you are the gift that just keeps giving now aren’t you?

Here is what I am thankful for, one year later –
  • That I can walk more than one block without the aid of hiking sticks
  • That I can sit without pain
  • That I can stand without pain
  • That my sciatica isn’t inflamed

I’ve had to make a lot of lifestyle changes within the last year.  But isn’t that the case when one is dealt a blow such as “chronic disease with no cure”. 
  • My diet has changed, drastically
  • What I allow my time to be used for has also changed (I say “no” a lot more often now)
  • I allow myself grace

I’m grateful for my OB-Gyn who detected something was wrong when I oh so nonchalantly mentioned that I thought that I was going into menopause. 

I’m grateful for my cousin-in-law who has been a wealth of information and for being so willing to share her story with me.

I’m grateful for my husband and kids who went through the last year with me, it was not easy. 

I’m grateful for second chances on life. 

Because about a year and a half ago, at 38 years old, I was contemplating getting one of those nifty as seen on tv canes to help me get around.

Because I wasn’t living, I was getting by. 

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