Sunday, March 6, 2016

What Does Endometriosis Look Like - Endometriosis Awareness Week 2016

I'm so totally not going to show you the medical photos.  But, if you're interested in that sort of thing, here ya' go.

What I want to show you is what someone who has had four Lupron injections looks like.

Someone who has a decreased white blood cell count due to those Lupron injections, what she looks like.

What someone who is on Lupron with decreased white blood cell counts during flu season looks like.

I'm NOT this sick!  And, that's what I'm angry about.

I shared my story here in a multi-part installation.  If you are interested in reading it, here are the links in order

A Little Like This- or That?
My Endometriosis Story {Part 1}
My Endometriosis Story {Part 2}
My Endometriosis Story {Part 3}
My Endometriosis Story {Part 4}
My Endometriosis Story {Part 5} - Closing Out

To find out more about Endometriosis you can visit The Mayo Clinic site

Through sharing the stories of women who have Endometriosis during Endometriosis Awareness Week, my hope is to spread awareness and understanding of this disease.

Here are the stories that have been shared already

Audrey's Story - Endometriosis Awareness Week 2016
Ashley's Story - Endometriosis Awareness Week 2016
Maxine's Story - Endometriosis Awareness Week 2016

I'll be rounding out the last three days of Endometriosis Awareness Week with more stories and information about this disease.

Thank you for your support during this week {loves & hugs}

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