Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Endometriosis Story {Part 2}

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis on September 16, 2015

I talked a little (well, really, I ranted) about it in this post 
And, here is Part 1

Recovery sucked.  I'm just going to honest here.  But, recovery from anything for me usually does.  

Plus, I don't do well with anesthesia.  Not like getting ill from it, more like feeling out of it for days.  

I was in the recovery room at the hospital for maybe an hour after I woke up.  I dislike hospitals, so the first order of business was to get out of there; meet the minimum requirements necessary to leave and just go home. [go to the bathroom and keep a muffin down?  done!  bring on the water and muffin!]

We were fortunate to have my dad up from Texas while this was happening.  He came up for my older two son's birthdays and decided to stay a few extra days to help out while I went in for surgery and then the following day while I recovered, which we are really grateful for.

Because, man, did I sleep.  Like for hours and hours.  If I stopped moving I fell asleep.    

I also couldn't drive or pick up my youngest son (or anything equally as heavy) for a while.  My 16 year old thought that it was awesome being my chauffeur while I was on the mend.  I got to experience my 16 year olds driving.   

What I found most interesting was that the pain that I was experiencing in my back, hip and knee was no longer there.  I started seeing a chiropractor in August (about one month prior to my procedure) while I waited to get in to see my orthopedic doctor (for my knee).  I was in so much pain at that point that I couldn't walk, sit or stand.  From x-rays I learned that I have a bulged disc, disc degeneration, sciatica, facet syndrome, transitional vertebra (6th is fused) in my spine and degenerative disc in my neck. 

The most important thing to note from that sad list is the sciatica, and here is why - when I went for my one week post op check up with my OB/Gyn, he explained that I had Stage 4 disseminated/severe endometriosis.  He said that it looked like someone took a spray gun and sprayed it everywhere. And, that there were severe deposits on the ureteral sacral ligament.  
My procedure on 9/16/15 consisted of the following:
-Hysteroscopy with Myosure/Novasure Ablation
-Polyp removed from uterine wall
-*was scheduled for possible removal of right oviduct and left ovary/oviduct, this was not done*

Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease.  Mine, well, mine decided to cause inflammation so bad that it effected my sciatic nerve and made it near impossible for me to walk or do much of anything else.  That ureteral sacral ligament - yep, that baby was inflamed!  For months I thought that is was a knee injury from 2014 acting up.  Nope, inflammation from endometriosis.  

Amazing, right?

This would become a reoccurring diagnosis from my specialty doctors - inflammation.  Across the board, my family doctor, my gastroenterologist, my urologist, my orthopedic doctor, my chiropractor, and my physical therapist.  Inflammation was causing all of my problems.  And, endometriosis was causing the inflammation.    


When I found out that endometriosis has the ability to spread to the colon and bladder, my next course of action was to find doctors who wouldn't pass off my endometriosis diagnosis and take my symptoms seriously so that a course of action could be determined.  This was not an easy task.    

For more information about Endometriosis, check out the Mayo Clinic site here 

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