Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Endometriosis Story {Part 1}

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis on September 16, 2015

I talked a little (well, really, I ranted) about it in this post 

I'm going to back up a bit, here, and share about what led to my diagnosis.  

I thought that I was going through menopause.  I realize that I'm only 39, but hear me out. I've been menstruating a LONG TIME, and I'm totally not exaggerating here either.  Like since 4th grade.  So, the through that just maybe after, oh 30 years, maybe I could be going through menopause really isn't that crazy.  I shared a little bit about that here

So, I went in for my yearly with my OB/Gyn in August of 2015 and just kind of shared that you know, I think some weird stuff is happening and that it may be the early stages of menopause.  

And, thank god for my doctor.  He was all "Yeah, no" and sent me for a bunch of test. Mammogram & internal ultrasound to be specific. And, sure enough, not menopause.  The mammogram came back clear.  The internal ultrasounds (yes, more than one) did not. Pre-cancerous cysts were detected on my ovaries in addition to polyps on my fallopian tubes.  And, I don't know why, but it was those polyps that made my OB/Gyn decide that a laparoscopy procedure (and some other things) was necessary.  I went in for my procedure on September 16, 2015.

I'm quite fortunate in my diagnosis, really.  The average time span is typically up to 7 years before accurate diagnosis.  

Had I had any symptoms prior to what I shared at my yearly in August 2015?  Yes, but no. All of the "normal" symptoms that go along with a monthly cycle were present, and they also mimic the symptoms of endometriosis.  But, looking back now, I can note specific occurrences and know that it was likely causes by the endometriosis.  I really think that was the greatest thing that I gained out of this - knowing the cause.  

For more information about Endometriosis, check out the Mayo Clinic site here 

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