Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Slinging Words, Bearing My Soul - I'm a Storyteller

I'm a storyteller

That seems kind of weird, still, to write...let alone say out loud.  But, I've been sharing bits and pieces about myself in a public setting for well over 13 years.  Though I'm comfortable doing so, because I'm usually exposing my vulnerable, it can still be emotionally and mentally draining.  I do it, though, because I'm a firm believer in the redemptive qualities a good story can have.  And, I know,  KNOW, that what comes from the heart, goes to the heart.  And that, that is a thing of beauty.

My very first public storytelling performance was in May of 2012.  AND IT WAS AMAZING!!  The entire experience completely changed me and I am so indebted to the producers (whom I now count as friends) and the founder of Listen to Your Mother.
Here is the video (with, sadly, bad audio - so crank that volume up).  If you still can't hear it, here is a blog post with the story that I shared .

My next public storytelling performance was in May of 2015.  And that, well, that was even more amazing.  I was able to return to the stage as a Listen to Your Mother Alumna and got to share another little piece of me.
Here is the video (with fabulous audio).

And then, well, it just kind of large part and with gratitude to, David Slattery, fellow LTYM Chicago 2015 cast member and complete know-it-all regarding storytelling events in Chicago.

I went on to take the stage at Second City at the Sunday Morning Stories and was able to stretch a little  >very little<  and try my hand at something a bit funnier by recounting a story about "The Party".

*I've self designated myself as the wet blanket of storytelling, and I'm pretty good at it*
Me on stage                      In front of the banner

Me with LTYM Chicago Alumni & fellow Sunday Morning Story storytellers,
Pamela Valentine & Kathleen Buckley; Group shot of storytellers on stage
(David Slattery is in the front and was one of the hosts of the event);
Pamela Valentine and I at Second City

From there I went on to Uncommon Ground to share a little something about Postpartum Depression on the topic of "Unhinged" at TenX9.

Me on stage                         Group photo of storytellers

The most recent performance I did was last month at Homewood Stories.  I absolutely love what Karen O'Donnell is doing over there and am so grateful that she is bringing storytelling to the south suburbs.
Fellow LTYM Chicago Alumni came to support me at Homewood Stories,
Kathleen Buckley, Tracey Becker & Pamela Valentine; Me with my husband
and father (who came up from Texas)

Here is an audio file that I recorded of the story that I shared at Homewood Stories on September 15, 2015.

And...I'm owning that whole being a storyteller thing.

I'm always reminded of some pearls of wisdom, sage advise, common sense...that a fellow cast member of the 2012 Chicago Listen to Your Mother show shared with me as I talked about being nervous about taking the stage - "Just image you and me sitting at a table, sharing a drink and talking."  Because when I share honestly and am open to the process and am willing to let go of my fears, what comes from the heart, goes to the heart.

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