Friday, August 21, 2015

Self Care

Self care today looks ... feels a lot like pain.

I don't like doctors.

I value them

I trust them

But, at their core, they are salespeople.  They just are.

I've worked hard at finding doctors who don't pressure me or my family to take medicine or push procedures or whatever..

I'm fortunate to have found medical professionals who are on the same page as me and my family with what we believe medicine and healthy living looks like and should be.

So, the question that I ended up posing to myself a few weeks back was "How much pain is tolerable for value of life?  Can I live with this pain, like forever?"

That right there should also be a little insight into my stubbornness as well, by the way.

The answer is, at 39 you really shouldn't be in constant pain.

I went to a chiropractor for the very first time ever because I was having what I thought was hip pain.

It wasn't.

And, after some x-rays it's been determined that I'm all jacked up.  My terminology, because you don't want the laundry list, really.

So, self care in these parts looks a lot like three time weekly appointments to get me to a better place in addition to a follow up appointment with my ortho doctor.

And, I'm having a hard time accepting this help, even though it's necessary.

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