Monday, April 20, 2015

In the NZone!

I have to admit, I was very happy when baseball practice was canceled a few Wednesday's back due to tornado level storms that were hitting the area.

Here is the thing though - my kids, they NEED to run around and exert energy.  When they sit still they buzz.  No joke, they physically hummm because of all the pent up energy that is trying to escape them.  

Here is the problem though, my kids are 15, 10 & 2...not a lot of places to take them where they can ALL participate in some physical expulsion.  

In comes NZone Sports of Elmhurst.  Oh, how they saved me on that Wednesday of crappy weather.  

(from their website)

The NZone Jr. Gym is now open in Elmhurst, Il.  Our gym is a 1,700 square foot facility which includes training stations for skill improvement in the areas of basketball, football, soccer and t-ball.  
Parents can watch with comfort from our parent lounge which includes 2 bay windows for full gym viewing and comfortable seating.  Scheduled for completion in spring 2015 is a snack station with food and drinks for purchase and a pro-shop where you can find all of your sporting needs.

We were invited out for their Open House, which included music, snacks and free play for 3 hours.  My kids had a blast!  

They offer instructional classes in football, basketball, baseball, soccer and golf.  Additionally, they offer special events including Parent's Night Out, Holiday Camps and Summer Camps.  You can also host your child's birthday party there as well.  How cool would that be!?  It's inside, so no issues with the weather.  Kids are playing sports and having fun with games in one area while food and presents can be done in a separate area.  I can see this being a huge hit for my son who has a birthday in February, where there is typically 3 feet of snow on the ground and sub-zero temperatures.  BUT, also with my other two boys who have birthdays in the late summer...when it can be insanely hot out and it's not fun at all to be outside running around.  I'm liking my options here, people.

I'm always a big fan of giving my kids options to engage in physical activities.  NZone Sports just allows me to have another outlet to make that happen.
I would strongly encourage you to check out there website, here, and follow them on Facebook, here, for upcoming events and opportunities.  

*the opinions are mine alone.  I attended an Open House as a blogger and social media influencer.*

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  1. I never heard of this place before. Looks like fun. I have 3 grandsons 11 9 and 3 and it is very hard to f8nd places for all age groups. I mention children's museum and the oldest gives me the look. Lol sounds like fun for everyone!


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