Friday, April 3, 2015

"Do Full Moons Make People Crazy?" - Yes, yes they do

The moon tonight is amazing!

My husband called us all out to look at it.  "It's casting shadows, that's how bright it is."

We are evening into the Blood Red Moon and an eclipse.

It's full and overflowing with luminous light.

I read a Farmer's Almanac article "Do Full Moons Make People Crazy?"  Because 1) I'm a dork and read the Farmer's Almanac and 2) Nice title!

And yes, I do believe that they do

If the cycle of the moon can control ocean's tides, why not us?

I don't know if I was ever more inclined to have more seizure while there was a full moon or if that one car accident that I got into happened while the moon was full, but I do know that my mom's pager went off more often when her on-call shift was during a full moon.

So much so that she equally dreaded and looked forward to that rotation, more calls equaled more money.  And the stories she would come home with from working at County, dear god!

During a homeschool lesson a few years back I had the boys track the cycle of the moon for one month.

I tracked how I was feeling during that time, it was interesting to note the ebb and flow of things like my productivity, attentiveness and feelings like compassion or anger or happiness...I think that the cycles of the moon do have a direct correlation with how I am (I can only speak for myself).  What do you think, though?

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