Monday, April 20, 2015


My favorite number is 3

I also prefer the color purple...or green, well, green...whatever

My favorite number is 3, it's my lucky number.  Not first, not second best - 3rd.  Kind of a safe number, you know?

The plan was never to have three children.  It was to have children.  And, to be honest, very honest, the plan was never to have 5 years and 8 years between them.  But, I've learned that though I can plan, that doesn't necessarily mean that what I plan will happen.

I have also learned the real importance of waiting until that magical 3rd month before sharing with excited wide eyed joy, news.

I've also learned how to hold my breath, and tongue, for 22 weeks.  Because, well, I just didn't know.
But, this number 3.  I'm liking it.

Number 3 runs up to me and stands squarely while planing the palm of his little hand in the middle of his chest and says "Woll" before fast running (in place) five steps, turns around, smiles and runs off.

I'm forever in amazement with it all with this third child.  It's different than reading the progress reports from day care with the first one.  Or barging in with layoff papers in hand when the second one was two to take over.  Because, there were someone else's schedules and routines already in place.

I am here for the learning of colors and numbers and words.

I am here for his budding interest in trains.

I am here for the goofiness and wiggles.

I am here for the spontaneous hugs and "wuv you mama" as he rounds corners and jumps off couches.

I am here.

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