Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Evolution of a Freak Out - Then & Now

My left eye has been twitching for months now.  I'm used to it, though it's still annoying as hell.
Things aren't exactly Snow-White-woodland-animal-rainbows-and-unicorns right now.  But, such is life.  And, it's okay, really, it is.

Everything ebbs and flows and this too, shall pass.

But right now, I'm riding the wave of a freak out.  Actually, according to my carefully thought out calculations, today will be the apex of that freak out.

You know what is absolutely nerve wracking?

Being vulnerable

Because for me being vulnerable equates to being weak.  And, as I type that I pause to think, is there really anything wrong with that, and, I can't think of anything being wrong with that.  That's growth, right?

Back in 2012 when I had the absolute most amazing opportunity to share my story of raising my oldest son as a single mom my fear of being vulnerable was so great that I literally had to take on an alter ego.  I had to be so much unlike myself even to step out on stage.

2012 Listen to Your Mother

That's not the case now.  Now, being given the absolute most amazing opportunity, yet again, but this time to share a different part of me, I'm not consumed with fear of being vulnerable to the point where I have to act unlike myself.  That is growth!
Photo Credit - Balee Images
2015 Listen to Your Mother 1st rehersal

But, I'm still nervous.  In four days (and I know it's 4 days that's to the countdown that is occurring in preparation of the show), I will stand on stage and crack open a little part of my heart in the hopes that it will touch someone so they will now that they are not alone.

So, today, I will deal with the wave of anxiety (that I know will pass), by binge watching the Gilmore Girls on Nexflix while Will takes his nap and busy myself with work to occupy my mind. Because in my mind, right now, I'm running around in circles flailing my arms around and screaming like Kermit the Frog.

This too shall pass

Rationally, I know everything will be fine.  Nothing horrible is going to happen.  By Saturday I'll be calm and resolved in the knowledge that I'm just going to talk, I'm sharing a story with a few hundred of my new friends, and a few dozen of my old ones.  And it is all going to be fine.

You know what's cool, I'm going to step out on stage this year as myself, because it truly is going to be fine.

If you are looking for an absolutely amazing opportunity to hear live readings on the topic of Motherhood, (that's a pretty wide topic, by the way), Listen to Your Mother is THIS SUNDAY at 2pm.  Here is the link to purchase your tickets.  10% of the ticket sales goes to The Red Pump Project, this years Chicago charity.
Pro tip - bring tissues and come prepared to laugh, cry and gasp, and to feel a connection that will make you believe that you are not alone.

Photo Credit - Balee Images
2015 Listen to Your Mother cast

Friday, April 24, 2015

NZone Sports Birthday Party GIVEAWAY

I'm so excited to be doing this giveaway.  You can find out more about our visit to NZone Sports, here

Here are the specifics -

  1. This giveaway is for a voucher to cover the cost of a birthday party at NZone Sports in Elmhurst.  The birthday party includes 1 hour of gym time for up to 10 kids in addition to 1 hour of time in the party room.  Gym time will be accompanied by a certified NZone coach who will organize games and activities.  A party room host will be provided to assist parents with serving kids.  
  2. NZone Sports in located at 770 North Church Road in Elmhurst, IL
  3. To enter -
    1. Comment below with your favorite sport 
    2. You can comment one time each day of the giveaway
    3. The deadline to enter is 11:59pm on Thursday, April 30, 2015
    4. The winner will be chosen on Friday, May 1, 2015
For more information about NZone Sports, go here


Monday, April 20, 2015

In the NZone!

I have to admit, I was very happy when baseball practice was canceled a few Wednesday's back due to tornado level storms that were hitting the area.

Here is the thing though - my kids, they NEED to run around and exert energy.  When they sit still they buzz.  No joke, they physically hummm because of all the pent up energy that is trying to escape them.  

Here is the problem though, my kids are 15, 10 & 2...not a lot of places to take them where they can ALL participate in some physical expulsion.  

In comes NZone Sports of Elmhurst.  Oh, how they saved me on that Wednesday of crappy weather.  

(from their website)

The NZone Jr. Gym is now open in Elmhurst, Il.  Our gym is a 1,700 square foot facility which includes training stations for skill improvement in the areas of basketball, football, soccer and t-ball.  
Parents can watch with comfort from our parent lounge which includes 2 bay windows for full gym viewing and comfortable seating.  Scheduled for completion in spring 2015 is a snack station with food and drinks for purchase and a pro-shop where you can find all of your sporting needs.

We were invited out for their Open House, which included music, snacks and free play for 3 hours.  My kids had a blast!  

They offer instructional classes in football, basketball, baseball, soccer and golf.  Additionally, they offer special events including Parent's Night Out, Holiday Camps and Summer Camps.  You can also host your child's birthday party there as well.  How cool would that be!?  It's inside, so no issues with the weather.  Kids are playing sports and having fun with games in one area while food and presents can be done in a separate area.  I can see this being a huge hit for my son who has a birthday in February, where there is typically 3 feet of snow on the ground and sub-zero temperatures.  BUT, also with my other two boys who have birthdays in the late summer...when it can be insanely hot out and it's not fun at all to be outside running around.  I'm liking my options here, people.

I'm always a big fan of giving my kids options to engage in physical activities.  NZone Sports just allows me to have another outlet to make that happen.
I would strongly encourage you to check out there website, here, and follow them on Facebook, here, for upcoming events and opportunities.  

*the opinions are mine alone.  I attended an Open House as a blogger and social media influencer.*


My favorite number is 3

I also prefer the color purple...or green, well, green...whatever

My favorite number is 3, it's my lucky number.  Not first, not second best - 3rd.  Kind of a safe number, you know?

The plan was never to have three children.  It was to have children.  And, to be honest, very honest, the plan was never to have 5 years and 8 years between them.  But, I've learned that though I can plan, that doesn't necessarily mean that what I plan will happen.

I have also learned the real importance of waiting until that magical 3rd month before sharing with excited wide eyed joy, news.

I've also learned how to hold my breath, and tongue, for 22 weeks.  Because, well, I just didn't know.
But, this number 3.  I'm liking it.

Number 3 runs up to me and stands squarely while planing the palm of his little hand in the middle of his chest and says "Woll" before fast running (in place) five steps, turns around, smiles and runs off.

I'm forever in amazement with it all with this third child.  It's different than reading the progress reports from day care with the first one.  Or barging in with layoff papers in hand when the second one was two to take over.  Because, there were someone else's schedules and routines already in place.

I am here for the learning of colors and numbers and words.

I am here for his budding interest in trains.

I am here for the goofiness and wiggles.

I am here for the spontaneous hugs and "wuv you mama" as he rounds corners and jumps off couches.

I am here.

Friday, April 3, 2015

"Do Full Moons Make People Crazy?" - Yes, yes they do

The moon tonight is amazing!

My husband called us all out to look at it.  "It's casting shadows, that's how bright it is."

We are evening into the Blood Red Moon and an eclipse.

It's full and overflowing with luminous light.

I read a Farmer's Almanac article "Do Full Moons Make People Crazy?"  Because 1) I'm a dork and read the Farmer's Almanac and 2) Nice title!

And yes, I do believe that they do

If the cycle of the moon can control ocean's tides, why not us?

I don't know if I was ever more inclined to have more seizure while there was a full moon or if that one car accident that I got into happened while the moon was full, but I do know that my mom's pager went off more often when her on-call shift was during a full moon.

So much so that she equally dreaded and looked forward to that rotation, more calls equaled more money.  And the stories she would come home with from working at County, dear god!

During a homeschool lesson a few years back I had the boys track the cycle of the moon for one month.

I tracked how I was feeling during that time, it was interesting to note the ebb and flow of things like my productivity, attentiveness and feelings like compassion or anger or happiness...I think that the cycles of the moon do have a direct correlation with how I am (I can only speak for myself).  What do you think, though?