Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Finding Time


It's not bad, really.  I just need to evaluate my time.

I was fortunate enough to find a job that allows me to stay at home and telecommute, for the most part. Which is GREAT!  It's part time and I get to set my own hours.  So, I chose to work when Will is sleeping.

Makes sense, right?

Work while child is sleeping and I can be fully attentive to the task at hand.


Problem - well, challenge is more like it - it's cutting into my writing time.  My creative time and I have so little of it to begin with.


So, here I am on a Wednesday evening trying to squeeze something in...and, I don't want to squeeze something in.  Like, that shouldn't be the process - squeezing something in.  I love writing, it's an outlet for me and I enjoy it.

I need to make time for it, again.  Just different time.  Because this work thing, yeah...I kind of need that.

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