Friday, February 13, 2015

Not About 50 Shades of Grey

I was going to post about how I feel about movies like 50 Shades of Grey

I decided not to, though.  I read this and just kind of feel it sums it up nicely.  But, I'll leave you with an excerpt from it before I go on.
So, here’s my challenge. (My apparently long-winded challenge.) Let’s take back sex. No. Seriously. Instead of watching Christian Grey have sex with Anastasia Steele? Try this. Have sex with your own husband. Spend the evening in your own bedroom remembering what being in love felt like when you first got married. Yup. Sex is good and important.And friend? Your husband and your marriage are worth honoring… and you know what? I think deep down… you agree with me.

I'm kind of quite over here talking about my husband.  I rarely break from this.  He's a private guy.  I did write one time over here about our 12th Wedding Anniversary and how great he is.  Go ahead, pop on over and see.

Valentine's Day is pretty special around these parts.  It commiserates our 2nd First Date.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It was 2000 and we went to a nice Italian restaurant and saw Fantasia in 3D at the IMax on Navy Pier.

It is also the day he proposed to me in 2002.

I know, you are still in shock at how young he looks in the photo above.  I understand.  I'm constantly asked if he's my oldest son.  So, yeah...

We would marry 6 months later in August of 2002.  I'm quite convinced that if he could have swung it we would have married on Valentine's Day.  Instead, we married and honeymooned during a very short window between when he completed his Bachelors and went on to pursue his double Masters in Political Science and Business.

Here are some cool little bits of info about my husband that I find gush worthy
- When he referred to our oldest son as his step-son (which, he is) to a friend of his, his friend asked him "Which step is he?  How high or low is he valued by you?".  He has never, ever referred to our oldest son as his step-son again.  He is his son.
- When I was in labor with our youngest son at the hospital he sat in a chair across from me while I was on a birthing ball breathing through contractions and carrying on a conversation with him between contractions, while I had a death grip on his knees.  He looked at me and said "I don't know how in the hell you are doing this."
- He made it possible for me to full-fill my dream of becoming a stay-at-home mom.
- He plays Mindcraft with our middle son.  I think that's pretty astonishing, or maybe I'm missing something.
- He kisses and hugs our children before they go to bed every night.

So, tonight we celebrate the re-start of our romantic relationship.  We celebrate the commitment we made to each other when he asked me to marry him.  We celebrate tonight, though it's not officially Valentine's Day, because when you are on your 15th Valentine's Day together and you have 3 kids, that's just kind of what you have to do.

I'm blessed and I count my blessings.

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