Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Have No Clue What I'm Doing {AKA - Going With My Mama Gut}

I have no clue

Like, seriously, NO CLUE

This raising a kid, being home with a kid, Mama thing...this is really foreign to me

And weird

And, there are times that I truly questions just what in the hell I am doing.

With the older two boys, I worked full time.  I was not the one who was home with them, they had the advantage of having their father home with them.

Man, I tell ya, I can schedule a day.  I can make sure that the house is getting cleaned and there is dinner on the table every night at 6pm.  Kids picked up and dropped off and scheduling appointemnts and volunteer hours....that, that I got!  This raising a toddler thing, though, crap people - why didn't anyone clue me in on this?

This, putting everything I have scheduled and planned for a day, putting on, wait, more like screeching to a halt as signaled by vomit, what in the hell is that?

What is that?

So, everything ceases.  It all comes to a grinding halt and this happens

That is, after I go through three changes of clothing {vomit}

And then most of my day is spent like this

And, I can't do anything because I mean, look at him.

Here is the thing though - I knew that whatever was going on with him, we needed to stay put and let it work it's way through him.  Medicine wasn't going to help this right now.  Though when he continued to vomit up everything and nothing for 12 hours straight, including the tylenol to break his spiking fever, that was when we took him to the ER.

Did you know that there is a anti-nausea medicine that dissolves on your tongue?

Did you know that tylenol comes in suppository form?

Did you know that pedialite actually causes constipation and combined with the BRAT diet and the anti-nausea medicine a real suppository will be needed to get things moving?

I have never had to administer a suppository to any of my children prior to last week.  Fascinating, and scary all at once.

But, I knew, that what he was dealing with couldn't be fixed with medicine.  It was viral and needed to work itself out.

Yet, it couldn't {suppository}

I knew that, at least.

And that there was nothing I could do other than be there.

And I had the ability to do that, be there.


  1. You were doing something, you were prioritizing! Wiggles was the priority:)


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