Friday, February 6, 2015

I Don't Get Sick Days

I don't get sick days

I get to go to bed a few hours earlier to get much needed rest

I get to pass out for a few hours, unplanned, BTW - body just stopped, while Will naps during the day

I get to nurse OJ from a plastic tumbler and blow my nose in paper towel

No, I don't have tissues

My days have been sustained by these

Tussin during the day to make the cough not as bad and the snot stop

Ricola to help the not as bad cough a little more

Mariano's OJ - because!

Green at night so I don't cough myself awake at night

I've transitioned this week from sexy sultry voice to downright deep voice to no voice and back again.

I'm still getting up at 6:30 to get the boys off to school with full bellies and provisions

I'm still picking them up after school to bring them home to fill their bellies and for warmth

The dishes are getting done, the laundry is being washed and the floors cleaned.  Dinner is even on the table by 6pm.

But, by 7pm I'm done and by 8:30pm I'm in bed

Because even though I'm miserable stuff still needs to get done.  Stuff that cannot be pushed off, like getting the boys to school and picking them up.  And, yes, laundry too.

The fact that I am getting high fives all day long from this guy makes not feeling so great better

What I'd really like, though, is some more sleep.


  1. Hope you get some rest this weekend and that you are feeling better soon!


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