Monday, February 23, 2015

A Scouting Family

You know, I wanted to write something poignant and inspiring about being a Scouting Family.  It's February and that is the month we celebrate the Birthday of Scouting and Founder's Day.  It's also when Pack's are suppose to have their Blue & Gold ceremonies.

Scouting is such an important part of our lives and it assists us in raising our boys to become men.

But, right now - like today, I'm dealing with a sinking ship of a Pack.  One that I am counting down the days until Chris crosses over to Boy Scouts with Blue and Gold and we are done with them.

Chris doesn't know what's going on.  He's just excited about becoming a Boy Scout.

And we have 54 days until that happens.

And 5 years until we even have to consider another Pack for our youngest son.

Instead of focusing on the moment and the sinking ship of a Pack, I'm going to go through our time in Scouting via photos

Just know, that if you are in a Pack that doesn't work for you and your family that you can change Pack's.  The BSA is a wonderful program, find a Pack that works for you.

Cody - Tiger, Wolf, Day Camp, Dad & Lad, Bear & Religious Emblem

Cody - Webelos & Boy Scout

Chris - Day Camp, Tiger, Day Camp & Bear

Service - Day Camp (Me at Archery, Cody as a Junior Leader)
while Chris was a Tiger, Wolf & Bear

Flag Ceremony at a fellow Scout's Eagle Ceremony 

Blue & Gold (Cody crossing over), Blue & Gold (Chris earns Bear),
Chris at Day Camp & Chris Blue & Gold earning Webelos

Growing up in Scouting - Chris at Cody's Blue & Gold for Bear
and Will with Mama Dawn at Day Camp while I worked Archery,
Cody was a Junior Leader and Chris attended as a Bear.

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