Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Teacher's Gift

Here it is, Christmas time.  We have been getting Secret Santa forms, Santa Workshop forms and Christmas Program invites.

It's busy when you have a kid in school around this time.

Having been out of the teacher gift giving loop for a few years I seriously was stumped on a gift idea.

Chris' school offers the opportunity to give a monetary gift that is totaled and then split between all of the teachers at the school.

Personally, I think that this is a brilliant idea.

Chris wanted to give his teacher a gift though.

Okay,, I asked him what he thought would be something his teacher would appreciate.

"You know those Dunkin Donuts cups you make up with gift cards?  My teacher likes Dunkin Donuts, I think that is a cool idea."

Hey!  So do I!

Remember to get a lid and tall straw, too.  I attach a gift tag to the straw (Chris will write a message on there), then I fill the cup with brown crinkle shredded paper (coffee) and assemble the cup.  No need to put in a bag or wrap in wrapping paper.  A gift to go!

Total cost is the expense of the gift card (we are giving $10), plus cost of cup ($.25), and fill ($1.00 at Dollar Tree will give you enough fill for 6 cups).

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