Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ChiTAG - {Day Two} Fluffy Friends Chomping Plush Toys

Day Two Toy Review - Fluffy Friends Chomping Plush Toys (Boo)

The good -

  • It's like a little misfit stuffie - I mean, come on - that's cool 
  • Easy to use, even my 21 month old figured out how to use it.  This means that it can be enjoyed by everyone in the family
  • Boo (the character that I received) GLOWS IN THE DARK!!

The bad -

  • As of right now there are only 3 character options.  ChiTAG was the launch of these toys.  BUT, the other two options are pretty neat as well (my favorite is Bad, by the way).  Not a "bad", really, just a limitation.    

The details -
Fluffy Friends Chomping Plush Toys are operated by your fingers.  

They have bean bag like bottoms so that they can sit on surfaces.  They also come with a clear plastic bone to chomp down on.

Also, Jordan Own, Inventor and Designer of Fluffy Friends, says that their will be supporting products in the market including story books, games and more characters.    

My 10 & 15 year old's both thought that they were pretty cool.  I can see these really hitting off well in the tween and teen markets (it's rated for ages 5+).  Think goth-like store in mall ...  that's where my mind is going. Anyway, they are a little off and different, I like that a lot (they really are "Diabolically Adorable").  I really appreciated the packaging. 

More info can be found here
Fluffy Friends Website 
Fluffy Friends Facebook

YOPO Toys Website

You can purchase the Fluffy Friends on the Fluffy Friends Website for $19.99 each. 

*the opinions are mine alone.  I attended a blogger event at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair where I received a bag of toys and games from contributing manufactures.  I received "Boo" from Fluffy Friends/YOPO Toy Company in my bag.*

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