Thursday, December 11, 2014

ChiTAG - {Day 4} Quartermaster General

Day Four Game Review - Quartermaster General (Griggling Games)

I'm going to qualify my family's geekdom right now, in a photo

That is my husbands Christmas gift.  It's a 6 foot by 3 foot vinyl map for the game Axis & Allies. And yes, I can post that because he's not a regular here. 

I'm not going to post a photo of our game closet, because it's a mess.  But, along with Axis & Allies we have Battleship, Risk and at least 4 different chess boards.  

We LOVE strategic play.  

Unfortunately, I did not walk away from ChiTAG with my own Quartermaster General game.  In my defense, it was my first year attending and I didn't know that there would be games for sale.  (Noted for next year, though).  

But, we chatted with the Griggling Games guys for quite a bit.  Specifically about Quartermaster General.

The good -
  • Easy, quick play with minimal set up and pieces.    
  • 2-6 players, with a game length of about 120 minutes, tops
  • Awesome illustrated cards with amazing factual tidbits.  

The bad -

  • For me, price.  At $49.95 for the game, that's a hefty price tag for a board game.  BUT, if I view it as an investment it's not that bad.  It's just something that I have to save up for.

The details -
You can find out more about Quartermaster General by clicking here.

Given that we are fans of these types of games, this is really a no brainer to me as far as future purchase goes.
I also think that because this game is card driven and re-playable, it's a good first choice instead of something like Axis & Allies.  The quick set up helps greatly as well.    

More info can be found here
Quartermaster General Website 

Griggling Games Website
Griggling Games Facebook
Griggling Games Twitter

You can purchase Quartermaster General on Amazon. 

*the opinions are mine alone.  I attended a blogger event at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair where I received a bag of toys and games from contributing manufactures.  I did not receive anything from Griggling Games.*

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