Friday, December 5, 2014

Chicago Toy & Game Fair {ChiTAG}

I shared a little bit about how not meeting the qualifications for the ChiTAG Blogger Breakfast last year made me adopt my new blogging model, here.

I have heard many amazing stories about ChiTAG from other area bloggers over the past few years. This was my very first year attending...


It was so cool!  I mean, really, really cool.

Plus, I had the wonderful opportunity to run an giveaway for a free family admission.  I'm so glad that two other families were able to attend this event as well thanks to those giveaways.

So, I just wanted to include a few highlights from our day out at ChiTAG.  Starting on Monday, December 8th, I'll be highlighting some of the toys and games that we got to play with and giving an honest review about what I thought of them, as well as what my boys thought of them.

This is kind of my version of a "gift guide", except, I'm not doing a gift guide.  Just letting you know what we liked, what we didn't and why.  We'll see how that rolls.

Blogger Breakfast.

Waiting to enter



Thank you to the sponsors - Hasbro, Mayfair Games, Rainbow Loom, Razor and Spin Master
Thank you to the featured exhibitors - BERG Toys, Goliath Games, Patch Products and PRIVO
Thank you to Chicago Toy & Game Fair 

*the opinions are mine alone.  I attended a blogger event at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair, which was sponsored and highlighted by the above game & toy manufacturers.  I received a light breakfast for my family and I in addition to admission to the Chicago Toy & Game Fair (including a sneak peek one hour prior to general admission) as well as a bag of toys, games and products.*

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