Monday, November 10, 2014

We Only Have Today

Today is November 10th

It is the last day of unseasonable warmth before the cold rolls in

Today, in this month dedicated to gratitude, I want to be reminded that I only have today

That it is when I stay focused on today, just this day, I am more able to truly see what is around me. To soak it in, and feel true gratitude.

Gratitude does not come when everything lines up nice and neat, when checks are ticked off on lists or when everything is so.

Gratitude is an action

When I act in gratitude I am more able to think with gratitude which results in me being able to speak of gratitude.

So, for today, I am grateful for the day.  I am grateful for these 24 hours and all that they hold - the possibilities, the wonderment, the awe.  It's there, honest.  It really is.  How are you viewing it though?  Is it with gratitude or are you expecting gratitude to come as a result of.

I am grateful for this season, I love fall.

I am grateful for this month, I am focusing on November.

I am grateful for what is to come, traditions and new beginnings.

Gratitude is an action, I need to be reminded of that.

We are preparing to celebrate Martinmas tomorrow.  We have our lanterns out, and a special meal planned.  It is by carving out this day, by maintaining a tradition in our family which we started only a few years ago, that we are able to stay focused on the season and to be reminded of the abundances we do have.

We are also preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We will come together with family, not once, but twice, and we will start new traditions that we hope will stick in the years to come.

How do you stay in the now, in today, in this season without fast forwarding in wrap speed to the next?

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