Wednesday, November 19, 2014


A burden is defined as "a load, especially a heavy one"

People are not a burden, in my opinion.

Our loved ones, they are not a burden.

The weight of a situation may be heavy, but it is not the person who is.

So heavy that one needs to pause and reflect on what is really, REALLY important.

My Mom started chemo today...

I had to tell her that she is not, nor would be a burden to me if I was wanted or needed.

That wasn't a given, and that is sad.  It's a sad state to be in where older generations are thought of as being a trouble, a chore, a burden placed upon younger generations.  That simply is not the case.  We have so much to learn from them, so many histories and stories.  So many tricks and tips.  So many memories to share.  Yet, little time.

I had to remind my Mom that family always comes first.

I had to be reminded by my Mom that family always comes first.

I'm not saying that it would be easy for me to up and travel to Texas, it wouldn't.  But that doesn't mean that it's a burden.  It doesn't mean that it is not what should be done.  It just means that I need to pause and reflect.

Time is something that is fleeting.

And, our time is the most precious thing that we could possible give.

It's not a burden.


  1. (((hugs))) And lots of love to you, your mom, and the rest of the family.

  2. Things get so hard and complicated when our parents get older. I've had to take off for Tennessee a couple of times. Sending you hugs.

    1. Thank you Melisa...and hugging you back.


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