Thursday, November 6, 2014

Allergy Test Results

I went to the doctors on Monday to go over the results of Chris's allergy test with our family doctor.

I'd like to just pause here a moment and just share how happy we are with our family doctor.  It has taken us years to find one that, well, doesn't treat us like incompetent fools.  There was even a stretch of time where the boys weren't seeing a doctor, because I couldn't find one that met my criteria.  It was fine, they weren't sick during that time, and they didn't need shots during that time.

But, with this awesome doctor comes a "price", and that is time.  It takes us exactly 50 minutes, traveling by 3 different expressways to get to this doctor.  And, I am fine with that.  If that is the "price" that I have to pay in order for my children and I to see a doctor that fits our beliefs & lifestyle. She challenges me at every turn to try something different and to do better, in addition to validating my hunches and current best practices.

Sign that is hanging in our Doctor's waiting room.

Okay, enough doctor love, onto the results -

Chris is not allergic to anything




He is highly sensitive to the following:
Dairy Casein
Garbanzo Beans
Mung Beans
Navy Beans
Alternaria tenius (environmental allergen aka plant rot - found in soil, compost, and decomposing plant matter)

He is moderately sensitive to the following:
Bean Sprout
Flax Seed
Pinto Beans
Lima Beans
Sunflower Seeds
Wheat Bran
Parsley, this is what we are dealing with.  

Can I just say how really grateful I am for that.  What that means is that we will not have to carry an EPI pen with us.  What that means is that I will just have to continue to pack benadryl and aleve, just in case.  What that means is that he can consume these items, just in moderation and on a limited rotation basis.  Really, it's NOT THAT BAD.  You know, because he is not allergic to anything.  We truly are counting our blessings over here.
And - fennel?  beets?  lima beans?  
Whatever - 

We have also been instructed that he should not be eating gluten free processed foods.  Now, this is something I tried to really stay away from while he was on his elimination diet to begin with. I'm not a big fan of chemicals in foods.  BUT, he did need to go to school with a lunch, and so I choose to make the sandwiches he ate with gluten free, soy free & dairy free bread.  I also purchased gluten free, soy free, and dairy free snack bars which he was allowed to eat one every other day (again, not a fan of chemicals in foods).  Our doctor recommended that he go back to a good whole grain bread, eating a sandwich every other day - we can do that.  We are also cutting out the snack bars, and he is fine with that.  We will continue to focus on whole foods that are dense in nutrients and thus, more filling.  

For a child who lives on celery, the news of his sensitivity to that was a bit of a concern for me.  We will just rotate that veggie in his lunches and will mix it up with some carrots and cherry tomatoes.  

For those of you who may be curious, we had that IgG Food Anibody Assessment done.  It was a blood draw, and the test took 4 weeks to come back.  We had all foods, fruits and veggies, and environmental allergens tested.  We received a really nice packet that breaks everything down in addition to a booklet of suggested courses of actions.  It was not a cheap test.  We are thankful that our insurance did cover a large portion of it.  It is VERY thorough, though.  And, in my mind, worth every penny we did have to pay out of pocket.
So, going forward, it's just more of the same.

Though, realizing that I have a 10 year old boy, and moderation in all areas is what is needed, even with his Halloween haul.

And, we will continue to focus on food as a means to nourish and sustain our bodies and follow our families 70/30 rule (70% good, 30% junk).  It works for us.

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