Wednesday, October 29, 2014


As in manipulative of a mouse.

And not this

More like this

Anyway, we have them.  We have 5 confirmed caught and disposed of.  We have 3 missing sticky traps, 1 missing snap trap and 1 missing box of decon.

I use the term "we" very loosely here.  I have purchased the traps.  I have placed the traps.  I have not seen the outcome.

I can smell it though.

Because I have a missing box of decon from under the kitchen sink.



Let me just point out that this is in no way a reflection of the cleanliness of my home.

What this is, though, is a living example of the flipping food chain.

We live in "the country" and I use that term really, really flippantly.  We are surrounded by land, and lots of it, and it's not all ours.  We live in a town that is considered the final "civilized" area prior to going any further south.  Then, you are really in the country.

So, this land ...

Okay, here is why we are experiencing this now

1) We had a cat.  She passed away earlier this year.  That doesn't matter because she was too old to really kill anything.  I'm just noting this as hilarity ensues later in this post.
2) We had two feral or outdoor cats that patrolled the land around our home.  I don't know where in the hell they are now.  I haven't seen them for months.
3) We had coyotes who patrolled the area as well
4) Where are the hawks at?  I usually have like 3 flying around here.
5) Not as many bats or owls either

... see where I'm going?

I have a breakdown in the food chain that has resulted in a population explosion of mice who think that my home is the perfect place to camp out.  

We still haven't pin pointed how they are getting in.  We are assuming it is somehow related to the sewer stack...but, at this point I seriously don't know.

But, they are contained to the bottom cabinets in the kitchen and my oldest sons crawl space.

So, I mean, there is that.  At least they are not taking over everything.

But, still, I HAVE MICE!

I knew that we had a problem, when I walked into the house to find my 15 year old carrying a pellet gun.  I asked him what was wrong?  He responded "we caught a mouse".  My first thought was "great, get it out".  My second thought was "you are not that good of a shot kid, put the gun away".

Because we have a box of missing decon we now have decomp occurring somewhere.  I'm also duct taping Black Ice scented evergreen car fresheners in all of the cabinets until we can handle the clean up.  That will require ripping up the bottoms of cabinets.

Also, I feel like a serial killer using car fresheners to mask the stench of decomp in my home.

I also now own 3 cone fresheners and 4 scented candles.

So, in trying to figure out, why now, my husband suggested that we get another cat.

I don't think so.

I am responsible for too many living things right now, I'm not adding a cat into the mix.

Plus, like I mentioned above, it's a breakdown in the food circle.  That's what's caused this.  I don't need to add another mouth to feed to the house in order to fit this.

What I need is a flame thrower.

And more scented evergreens.

Mainly, a flame thrower.  


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