Friday, October 3, 2014

{Indian Boundary Line Homestead Bounty} Tomatoes

Welcome to my garden

Let's talk tomatoes, shall we?

I am really sick of the cherry & plum tomatoes that have taken over my garden, and here is why


See, I make tomato sauce.  I use nice big, ripe tomatoes for that.  And I fill my canning closet with shelves and shelves of tomato sauce every year.  Enough, in fact, to last us entire year.

You know what I don't have a whole lot of right now?

*eye roll*

I delayed starting my garden this year, you can read about that here.  The thing is, it doesn't matter that I delayed starting my garden because this year has been crappy all around weather wise for growing stuff.  Well, stuff that I want to grow.

Tomatoes, being one of those things.

This is what I'm dealing this right now.


...and, no - I'm not going to batter and fry them

Every year we host Christmas Eve for my husband's side of the family.  We typically get about 25 people, give or take about 5, and my husband makes his Grandfather's famous spaghetti sauce for dinner.

He needs 10 quarts of tomato sauce to make it.

Guess what he won't have this year?

I have yet to can one quart of tomatoes this year.  I have tons of tomato paste (I use those cherry and plum tomatoes to make that), but I rarely use tomato paste.

So, here we are on October 3rd with a cold front rolling in and a garden full of green tomatoes.

It was a sad year for the garden this year.

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