Monday, October 20, 2014

Crush Halloween {spon}

On Friday, October 17th I was invited to Odyssey Fun Farm in Tinley Park to participate in Crush Soda's family fun hayride "The Adventures of Harry, The Not So Scary Scarecrow".  The following post is my own opinion.  I was compensated with complimentary admission for myself and two of my children to gain admittance into Odyssey Fun Farm to cover the Crush Soda event.

The Chief Haunting Officer of Odyssey Fun Farm in Tinley Park, Scary Harry, invited me and my family to come out to enjoy a not so scary hayride.

Do you know what I remember from Halloween parties at school when I was a kid?  Two things, Jays Potato Chips (very Chicago) and Orange Crush in 2 liter bottles.  Oh, to be in 3rd grade again.

Unfortunately, only myself and my two younger sons were able to make the event.  We had a blast nonetheless.  Hopefully we were able to help Scary Harry #CrushHalloween.

The hayride, which featured sunbathing vampires, a football watching werewolf, a witch who couldn't fly, ghosts who couldn't scare and Dracula's son flying around the pumpkin patch on a stolen broom, was fun for all ages from start to finish.

Scary Harry kept the kids entertained, the parents engaged and the little ones laughing.

My 10 year old had this to say about the hayride:
What did you like about the hayride? "That there was a whole bunch of funny stuff like the vampires sunbathing."
Did you think that it was scary? "No"
Is that okay that it wasn't scary? "Yes, so you don't get freaked out."
Would you go on it again? "Yes"

If my 19 month old yelled "Punkin" most of the time and didn't cry once.

I think that's a win, win all around.

Our biggest challenge during the hayride was trying to get our scariest "BOO" worked up to scare the ghosts.

We were offered some Orange Ogre Crush Soda at the end of the hayride.  We had to refuse it due to food allergies, though.  It was nice to be able to enjoy a hayride that wasn't too scary for my kids to enjoy and funny enough to keep them entertained.  I think THAT is a sweet deal.

After the hayride we were able to enjoy Odyssey Fun Farm for a short bit, which both kids enjoyed greatly.  Chris loved the inflatable floor and Will was a big fan of all the "Punkins!!"


Thank you to Crush Soda for the invite out to enjoy "The Adventures of Harry, The Not So Scare Scarecrow" and to Odyssey Fun Farm for the complimentary admission.

You can find out more about Crush Soda and the Halloween Themed soda that they have to offer this season by checking out their website here.  You can like them on Facebook here, and follow them on Twitter here.  Be sure to #CrushHalloween!

You can find out more about Odyssey Fun Farm and what they have to offer this season by checking out their website here.  You can like them on Facebook here, and follow them on Twitter here.

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