Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome to My Crazy - Not a Post About Tomatoes

So, the plan was to do a post about the tomatoes that are coming in very quickly in the garden right now and how to preserve them when they are in an abundance...

not happening

It's hot today.  Like nasty, humid, muggy - hot, and I'm not going out to pick the garden and get eaten up by misquotes in the process.  So, the tomato post will have to wait.  This should hold you over, though

Let me share a little bit about what I lovingly refer to as "my crazy".  My two oldest are back in school full time now so it's just me and the little man during the day.  I noticed quite early on in this new arrangement that I was forgetting to finish things.  Like, the laundry or the dishes or vacuuming...

I'd start the task, but get distracted.  Most of the time by this

or my phone, which has pretty much all of the same capabilities, yet I have the ability to utilize it while in a reclined sipping a cold Dr. Pepper.

Anywho, those who know me have referred to me as being intense, OCD, Type A, organized, detailed, Superwoman (I hate that one, by the way) and so on...

I'm not

Most days, I feel like stuff is slipping through the cracks, even when they are not.

And now, holy cow!  Between two active kids in two different sports and homework...the homework! ..oh, and scouting and just regular life's insane right now.  By no means am I complaining, just being honest.  I feel stretched.

How am I keeping sane?

I'm not

How am I harnessing my crazy?

Like this...

I have been a planner person since high school.  Before it was a thing.  Before schools issued students planners.  It was reinforced once I entered the work force after college.  I worked for a company that worshiped Franklin Covey.  I swear, I almost kissed my Franklin Covey instructor after an in-house workshop one year.  I still color code stuff thanks to her.  

I really dislike being asked multiple times a day "what is going on today?"  Hence this.  It's the central point in our home where everything with a date on it goes.  Invitations, schedules, other calendars, tickets...whatever - it goes here.  The calendar is color coded by person.  This allows me to try (operative word here) not to double book time.  That's not happening today, by the way.  I have to be at two separate scouting things roughly 15 minutes apart and 20 miles away from each other.  

I absolutely love and cherish what little time that I get to have all by myself.  I love my family very much.  I love them more when I can nurture myself, though. This is on our refrigerator and it's little man's schedule.  So, if I happen to be gone around the time he needs to get a snack, whoever is watching him knows when and what is going on.
The wellness section is for me.  It's my accountability check so that I can make sure that everyone is getting the necessary supplements.  My kids rarely get sick, I'm making sure that continues this year.      

My chore box.  

Each day of the week has it's own section

And each section has index cards with the day of the week and the chore written on each.  I pull them all out in the AM and put them away as I finish them.  Right now, I am waiting for the dryer to time out so that I can finish the laundry and I need to vacuum upstairs, which will get done once someone is up from his nap.

Does this mean that I totally stick to everything in perfect order?


Not even close

I have on Tuesday's and Thursday's to iron clothes

This is my's Friday.  That is Tuesday AND Thursday's ironing.  

I leave myself grace

It helps me stay humble 

Do you realize that I had to write in my planner to soak my feet today?  I've been trying to do that for days, DAYS!  Actually, I'm doing that as I type this post.  No shocker there, really.

I'm a writer.  I need to write stuff down.  Tasks need to be crossed off when completed.  My brain feels lighter when I get all the jumble that is swirling around in it out.

If it doesn't get written down, it will likely not happen.  Take the purchase of french onion soup.  I need to write that down yesterday, otherwise dinner wasn't happening.  

Now, that doesn't mean that I don't embrace technology.  My husband and I share calendars so that we can both see what is going on while on the go.

But, if I happen to seem frazzled while you are trying to plan something with me, realize that I need to check multiple sources and write it down.

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