Tuesday, September 2, 2014


You started it all

You allowed me to start my journey as a Mama and I have evolved thanks to you & your brothers

But, mostly because of you

You have known all the the phases of our evolution -

  • from the single wide trailer, me working full time (plus some) and you in day care 12 hours a day
  • to living with your Aunt, me still working full time, but you and now home with your dad
  • to living in our first home, me still working full time, your little brother being born and starting kindergarten
  • to living in our second home, me now home full time and your dad working full time and you starting 2nd grade at a new school
  • to living in our third home, me still home full time and your dad working full time, your littlest brother being born and you starting high school at a new school

You have struggled along with us as we evolved as a family, through income levels, through social classes and through spiritual insight, to where we are today.  But, we will not stop here.  We will continue to evolve and change and learn.  It's what we do.  

You know the meaning of hard work and you know that nothing gets handed to you.

You are resilient and tough, introspective and wise

You were the first

You started it all

And what I want you to know, to know with all of your heart and with such certainty, is that you are loved. That the people who are in your life love you very much.  That you should not be afraid to be authentic and truly you, do not confirm to fit in.

You are an awesome kid and I love you very much.

This is your story - people have seen in multiple times over.

Know that you are loved.  Know that you are supported.  Know that you are destined to do great things.


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