Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Officially a Toddler

Back in early June we went on vacation out West.  While on the road it became apparent that Will was becoming irritated by his bangs being in his eyes.

At this point, he was 15 months old.

He also hadn't had a haircut.

With a small sewing scissor I chopped his bangs one evening, early on in our trip.

Fast forward to last week, and I'm about 60 feet in the air waiting in line with Cody and Chris to go on a water slide.  I was not wearing my glasses and, well, I was about 60 feet in the air.  I looked down and noticed this adorable little girl running around by where the water slide we were about to do on dumps you out into a pool.  I mentioned this to the boys.  They both informed me that it was Will.


This was not the first time he was mistaken as a little girl.

This was the first time that I mistook him as a little girl, though.

That sealed the deal, it was time to get his long, curly, light brown hair cut.

I was not happy about this AT ALL.  For me, it would signify the end of babyhood.  He would officially be a toddler.

This growing old stuff sucks!

I had originally kicked around the idea of having my mom cut his hair.  As she was planning on coming up in July, I kind of figured that she could do it.  My mom is a beautician, she's owned her own salon and worked for many years while I was quite small at one called Beverly-Woods in Chicago.

My moms business card from the salon she owned in Oak Park.  Her name is not Fran, BTW.

My mom cutting my hair

I kind of figured that it would be a neat little generational memento thing to do.  Unfortunately, my mom was unable to travel here in July.  I figured that was my "out".  It's not meant to be, obviously.

Obviously, not.

So, not only did Will get his first hair cut, he also enjoyed his very first sucker.

I was a mess!  I no longer have a baby.  He's a toddler.

This getting older stuff sucks!



  1. He's still adorable, but I miss the baby curls!

  2. WOW.
    Don't worry, if he's anything like my younger son he'll eventually go through a phase where he'll grow his curls waaaaaaay out and you'll make comments like, "Don't you want to get your hair cut?"


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