Monday, August 25, 2014

A Decade

We sang 'Happy Birthday' to him this morning while he ate breakfast.

"I'm a DECADE old now," he beams.

Yes, yes you are.

10 years ago today I went into work, like any other day.  There were "emergency" plans in place between my co-workers if I should go into labor while at work.  I was working until I went into labor.  

None of those plans were used on this day, 10 years ago.

Nope, I calmly drove myself to the doctor's office after lunch.  Was told to go to the hospital after he examined me (which I did after I drove home, packed a bag, dropped off a steam cleaner and called your dad to let him know that I was in labor).

You weren't due for another week.

I arrived to the hospital, walked in with my bag, and checked myself in.

I then called your dad again, told him that it was going to be a while, don't come up yet, that I'd call him when you were closer to being born.  He had class that night, something important was going on in that class too, I don't recall what.  But, I knew that it was important that he be there and seriously, you were not in any rush to be born.

I know now, because it really wasn't your time.

And, because I've shared your birth story before, I'm just going to link it here and here and a little bit here  and get to the good stuff...

You are an awesome kid!

You are wicked smart and funny

You know way too much about Pokemon

You love Da Bears and am a rabid White Sox fan

You like to ride your bike and play with your friends

You are really good at baseball

You are super creative, building insane creations with legos and drawing up detailed plans for stuff - firework displays to rearranging your room

You hate watermelon

...and popcorn

You have your Dad's eyes

...and hair

You idolize your older brother

You are a loving older brother, yourself

You dearly miss Kitty

You self corrected your pigeon toe walk that we didn't catch and now have to wear inserts in your shoes. You can't run fast or kick fast.  This has hampered your ability to play baseball and swim competitively.

You love to talk and tell stories and corny jokes

You like making waffles with your dad on Sunday mornings

You are learning how to write cursive

You like Nerf gun and Light saber fights

You can make friends with anyone

You know how to carry a conversation

You make a mean grilled cheese (I always burn them)

You like watching The Simpsons & Malcolm in the Middle

You try to sleep with your door closed, but I always open it up because it messes up the air flow upstairs

You hate putting away your laundry and have been punished more times than I can recall for this

You want to live in a hotel when you get older

You are 10 years old today.  Those years have flown by!  You take on challenges and have a strong sense of self.

I'm proud to be your Mom
1 Year Old

2 Years Old - you still look the same!

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