Monday, July 7, 2014

Crunchy Hair Weeks 5 & 6 No Poo and Then Back

So, on week 4 of my No Poo experiment dandruff hit and it hit BAD.  I tried soaking my scalp in coconut oil three separate times that week to no avail.  *sad trombone*

And then I was stuck all of week 5 with dandruff head, very slick hair that smelled like Mounds candy bars.  I like coconut, just not smelling like it.

Here is a quick recap so far

  • I stopped using commercial shampoo and conditioners on Monday, May 26th
  • I am currently using baking soda to wash my hair
  • I am using raw ACV as a conditioner
  • My hair is *still* ... fine scalp on the other hand - DANDRUFF

You can read about Week One of No Poo here in addition to the recipes I'm using here.  Week Two of No Poo is recapped here and Week Three No Poo TRAVEL EDITION can be found here and my thoughts on baking soda and high altitudes

That brings us to Week 5...week 5 sucked.  I mean, dandruff sucks.  

Which brings me to Week 6.  I now am dandruff free and back to using shampoo.  

If I can find a good alternative to commercial shampoo that will not lead to me having dandruff, I will try it.  I'm not dealing with dandruff, though.  

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