Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vacation Planning - This Is How I Roll

We are planning an epic vacation.  Well, pretty epic for us as we have NEVER, EVER been on vacation for

1) this long of a time span
2) traveled this far
3) been this "fly by our pants" about it

Here is my guide

I know what you're thinking "fly by your pants, eh?  Look at that binder?  How is that fly by your pants?"

The binder makes me not want to twitch, that's its purpose.

We have our lodging booked, I have the confirmations printed and in the binder in addition to road maps and travel guides from each state we will be going through.

The whole "fly by our pants" thing comes from me not micromanaging each day, by the hour, with what we will be doing, when and where.

A binder full of information and confirmations, that's how I plan a vacation.  


  1. That is about 145% more not fly our pants than I am. I could use some more of that skill.

    1. First, get a 3 inch 3 ring binder. Second, jam it full of stuff. LOL

  2. Vacation Planning is my favorite. We are heading off to Arches and Canyonlands NP very soon. I hope you have so much fun in Yellowstone. I will pick your brain about it when we go to plan that trip. Can't wait to see pictures (especially the ones with the little guy in them)

    1. Thanks Shannon. I'd love to hear about your adventures too as I'm trying to fill up my National Parks Passport :)


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