Friday, June 6, 2014


It's weird.  Because I didn't see it coming.  Now, I know that she had major surgery (triple bypass while on dialysis), but...she was doing so well in recovery.

And then, she passed.

On June 2nd my Aunt Vera passed away while on dialysis recovering from triple bypass surgery.  From what I understand one minute she was talking and then the next, she wasn't.  She didn't complain, she never did.

My Aunt was an awesome lady.  There was absolutely nothing negative about her.  She was a glass full type of person, none of that half full or half empty nonsense - it was full!

I remember 4th of July picnics at her house with the most amazing deviled eggs

I remember watching the Muppet's movie on a CED

I remember the Christmas parties at my Uncle's work

I remember her hosting Cody's baby shower

I remember spending the night at her house and reading her Tarot Cards

I remember her shinning...she was just good

I remember breakfast dates

I remember smiley faces, and I don't know why...did she have them in her kitchen maybe as magnets?  I have no clue.

I remember fishing at her trailer and the corn fields we passed while driving there

I remember being given all of the photos to keep, because I am that in my family.  I am the keeper of photos

My Aunt Vera was an awesome lady.  Life was full, even when things weren't going well, life was full and she always had a positive outlook on it.

She will be missed

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