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Diaper Rash - How do you treat it? *Pedi-Derm Bum Paste Review*

So, I'm pretty "crunchy" - actually, I'm more stubborn than anything else.  When it comes to substances that I use on myself and my children, the question I typically ask is "why"?  What is in it, why is it in it, what is it used for and so on.  I do a lot of research before I use something on my children.  This should really come as no surprise to most of you. 
An opportunity came about to review a sample of Pedi-Derm Bum Paste and I figured I'd give it a whirl. 
The thing that attracted me to this paste was that it could be used on rashes other than diaper rash and that it claimed to be "natural".   

My History With Diaper Rash Cream

My oldest son (who is 14) was in disposable diapers and was sent to day care with A&D Ointment and diaper wipes.  He got diaper rash and was treated with A&D.  
My middle son (who is 9) was in cloth diapers and rarely got diaper rash.  We did not use diaper wipes on him (wash cloths with warm water) and when he did have diaper rash we treated him with corn starch and air drying.
My youngest son (who is 15 months old) is in cloth diapers, has had diaper rash once (which we used coconut oil to treat) and we use diaper wipes with him.  

...just laying out the facts, nothing else.  

What's With The Ingredient?

I'm a coconut oil person.  I love the stuff and use it for treating rashes, burns, chapped lips, cleaning and cooking/baking.  It's awesome, in my opinion.  I know what it is and there is no funny stuff in it.  
Pedi-Derm Bum Paste contains Cornstarch NF, Zinc Oxide, Bismuth Subgallate, Lanolin Anhydrous and Cottonseed Oil.  Why?  

Zinc Oxide Powder: Insoluble in water. An excellent barrier and promotes healing by eliminating urine and watery stool contact.
Bismuth Subgallate Powder: Inhibits bacterial and fungus growth.
Corn Starch: Thickening agent, draws moisture to itself and helps keep area dry.
Lanolin: Helps form a superior water barrier as well as hydrates skin.
Cottonseed Oil: Conditions skin and helps aid in healing process.

All natural ingredients...
As in, I could find absolutely nothing negative about any of these ingredients.

So, I used it on myself first.  I have a self diagnosed patch of eczema on my right hand, between my middle and pointer fingers.  When it flairs up it hurts like hell and itches like crazy.  I had been using a mixture of coconut oil and raw honey comb with honey residue that I melted together.  It had been working great, a little sticky, but did the job.

Before I would try the Bum Paste on my youngest son, I wanted to try it on myself first.
So far, it's working great to relieve the itching and to help with the redness.

I decided to try it on my youngest son to treat some heat rash that was not clearing up (broken AC coupled with Illinois humidity = heat rash).  The rash was just at the top of the diaper cover rim, I dabbed the cream on the spots and then repeated twice and the rash cleared up.  Though, do be aware that caution should be used when using this product with a cloth diapered baby.  Because it contains lanolin any residue on the cloth diaper may prevent it from being washed adequately.  

All in all I think that it's a good item to have on hand especially if you little one is prone to diaper rashes.  I'm excited to use it come fall when athlete's foot flairs up around here.  I think if for nothing else the before and after photos of what this product can do is pretty amazing.
I'm quite fortunate to not have experienced diaper rashes such that an intense treatment was necessary.  I'm glad to know that there is something out there that I can use and that I would recommend to others.

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*the opinions are mine alone and I was compensated for this post with a 2 oz. sample size container of Letourneau's Pharmacy Pedi-Derm Bum Paste*.    

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