Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crunchy Hair - 3 Weeks No Poo TRAVELING POST

So, it's been three weeks of not using commercial shampoo or conditioner.  We road tripped out west for nine days and I packed a spay bottle with my baking soda water mixture in it, ready to go.  The problem - I think that the change in altitude clumped the mixture.  I'm not totally sure though and I'm still trying to find an answer via the interwebs.  I noticed it when we arrived in Keystone, SD.  Not necessarily the highest of altitudes, but kind of getting there.  My spray bottle was not spraying.  Now, I have a really crappy track record of breaking spray bottles.  I just chocked it up to that.  Until I screwed off the top and noticed clumps of baking soda in the water.  This never happened at home and just kind of figured that the mixture doesn't travel well....or something like that.
So, while on vacation I had to pour the mixture on my scalp instead of spraying a stream at it.  It worked out okay.  I like the stream spray better, but whatever. I did not pack my ACV for conditioner - BIG MISTAKE.  Talk about unruly hair!  
My hair was mostly either under a cap, bandanna or bike helmet the entire trip.  Whatever condition it was in due to lack of consistent baking soda and water cleansing really was of no concern to me.

Here's a quick recap, though

  • I stopped using commercial shampoo and conditioners on Monday, May 26th 
  • I am currently using baking soda to wash my hair
  • I am using raw ACV as a conditioner
  • My hair is *still* ... fine
You can read about 1 Week of No Poo here and the recipes that I'm using here.  Here is the recap from Week 2 of No Poo.

For future consideration while traveling, I will pack additional packets of baking soda to make a fresh mixture every time I go to wash my hair.  Since I make a mixture to last me 5 days (with no issues so far) I didn't think to bring additional supplies while traveling.  I didn't expecting clumping.  Lesson learned for next time, though.

Would love to hear if you have done No Poo or are currently doing No Poo.  Have you noticed any changes in your hair or scalp?  Do you consider your use of No Poo a success.

Since I keep my hair either in a bun or braided I really haven't seen any significant changes other than my curls coming back.  

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