Monday, June 2, 2014

Crunchy Hair - 1 Week No Poo


I decided to phase out my normal hair care routine.
- twice monthly hot oil conditioning
- daily shampoo and conditioning
- daily leave in conditioner

I have think and naturally curly hair.  You wouldn't know that my hair was curly because I have worked really, REALLY hard to straighten it with all that conditioning.  It's also been pretty much every color under the rainbow, quite literally.

But, once I became pregnant with Will in 2012 I stopped dying my hair.  I stopped my hot oil treatments and I stopped my daily use of leave in conditioner.  I switched to washing my hair every other day using both shampoo and conditioner.

So, now it's two years later and I have used up the last of my shampoo (I still have some conditioner left, which I put away in know, just in case).

On May 26th I started my no poo routine.

I had done my research, found the recipes that I wanted to use and then set out to find spray bottles that actually worked.  Does anyone else have a hard time finding spray bottles that actually work?

Why am I doing this?  Well, I just want to get away from chemicals and unnecessary stuff.  This was my 'what can I do today' thing towards changing and improving.  I figured I'd give it a month and then reassess.

It's been one week - here's what I've noticed so far
- though there were many warnings of yucky looking hair the first two weeks, I did not experience that.
- it was really hard to pick our my hair and then brush it after I washed it
- it took forever for my hair to dry
- some flaking, not dandruff though, I think just residual build up of stuff coming off
- though there were suggestions to not use the "conditioner" spray until after a two week break in period, I ended up using it on the third wash
              - it dried faster
              - it was easier to pick out and brush
- my hair does not stink
- it's really smooth and manageable

What I'm using
To wash I'm using 1 T. of baking soda with 1 C. of water in a spray bottle with the nozzle on direct stream setting.  I spray it directly on my scalp and then go over it with my finger tips to scrub my scalp.  Rinse with warm water.
To condition I'm using 2 T. of raw apple cider vinegar with 2 C. water in a spray bottle with the nozzle on mist setting.  I spray it to the ends of my hair only and then rinse out with warm water.
I do this three times per week.

And...that's it.'s fine.

As we are entering summer here I'd be interested in seeing how it stands up with a more active lifestyle of outdoor adventures.  Also, how it travels when we go on vacation.  

What else am I doing?
- cleaning my face with oil
- charcoal to whiten my teeth

Those updates will be forthcoming.

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